• IPA: /skiː/
  • (British, rare) IPA: /ʃiː/

ski (plural skis)

  1. one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow or water
  2. (aviation) one of a pair of long flat runners under some flying machines, used for landing
Translations Verb

ski (skis, present participle skiing; past and past participle skied)

  1. (intransitive) to move on skis
  2. (transitive) to travel over (a slope etc.) on skis; to travel on skis at (a place), (especially as a sport)
  • French: skier
  • German: Ski fahren, Ski laufen
  • Italian: sciare
  • Portuguese: esquiar
  • Russian: ката́ться на лыжа
  • Spanish: esquiar

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