• IPA: /ˈskɪni/

skinny (comparative skinnier, superlative skinniest)

  1. (informal) thin, generally in a negative sense (as opposed to slim, which is thin in a positive sense).
    Her recent weight loss has made her look rather skinny than slender
  2. (informal, of food or beverages) Low-fat.
  3. Naked; nude (chiefly used in the phrase skinny dipping).
  4. (of clothing) tight-fitting
    skinny jeans
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skinny (plural skinnies)

  1. (colloquial) The details or facts; especially, those obtained by gossip or rumor.
    She called to get the skinny on the latest goings-on in the club.
  2. A state of nakedness; nudity.
  3. (informal) A low-fat serving of coffee.
  4. A skinny being.
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skinny (skinnies, present participle skinnying; past and past participle skinnied)

  1. (transitive) To reduce or cut down.
    • 1982, Ward's Auto World (volume 18, issues 1-6, page 65)
      Like an accordion at a country wedding producing sweet-and-sour notes, some importers are expanding their U.S. retail automotive operations while others are skinnying down.
    • 1996, Kevin Dowd, Getting Connected: The Internet at 56K and Up (page 25)
      By the end of the chapter, we will have (hopefully) skinnied the list of contenders further (perhaps there will be none left).
    • 2001, Bankruptcy Court Decisions (volume 38, page A-7)
      Said one judge: "What is [Chapter 22] other than the process of skinnying the company down? Are there some inefficiencies in that? If so, they can be absorbed by the economy and the country."

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