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slat (plural slats)

  1. A thin, narrow strip or bar of wood (lath) or metal.
    slats of a window blind
  2. (aeronautical) A movable control surface at the leading edge of a wing that when moved, changes the chord line of the airfoil, affecting the angle of attack. Employed in conjunction with flaps to allow for a lower stall speed in the landing attitude, facilitating slow flight.
  3. (skiing, slang) A ski.
    • 2005, Richard V. Shriver, Gold to Refine (page 31)
      I never got down that hill without losing at least one of my skis! Clarence didn't lose his slats. The straps went over his boots and held them in place. If he fell, he risked breaking a foot or leg, but the slats stayed on.
  4. A thin piece of stone; a slate.
Translations Translations Verb

slat (slats, present participle slatting; past slatted, past participle slatted)

  1. To construct or provide with slats.
  2. To slap; to strike; to beat; to throw down violently.
    • "How did you kill him?" "Slatted his brains out."
  3. (UK, dialect) To split; to crack.
  4. To set on; to incite.

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