• (RP) IPA: /ˈslɪŋʃɒt/

slingshot (plural slingshots)

  1. (chiefly, American) A Y-shaped stick with an elastic sling between the arms used for shooting small projectiles.
  • (stick with elastic band for shooting projectiles) bean shooter, catapult (UK), flip, hand catapult, shanghai (Australia and New Zealand)
  • French: lance-pierre
  • German: Schleuder, Steinschleuder, Zwille
  • Italian: fionda
  • Portuguese: estilingue, baladeira, atiradeira, fisga, bodoque, funda, setra
  • Russian: рога́тка
  • Spanish: baladora (Peruvian Amazonia), biombo (Panama), catapulta (Costa Rica), cauchera (Colombia), charpe (Southwestern Mexico), chilinchate (Honduras), china (Venezuela), estiladera (Canary Islands), fonda (Central and Western Venezuela), gomera (Argentina), gomero (Northwestern and Southern Central Spain), honda (Bolivia), hondilla (El Salvador), hondita (Paraguay), hulera (Nicaragua), jebe (Peru), resortera (Costa Rica), tiracantos (Western Central Spain), tirachinas (Spain standard usage), tirachinos (Southwestern Spain), tiradera (Spain's Canary Islands), tirador (Northwestern Mexico), tiragomas (Northern Central Spain), tirahule (Southeastern Mexico), tirapiedras (Cuba), tira-tira (Northwestern Venezuela, specifically State of Falcon)

slingshot (slingshots, present participle slingshotting; past and past participle slingshotted)

  1. To move or cause to move in a manner resembling a projectile shot from a slingshot.
  2. (especially) To use the gravity of a moving planet to add momentum to a spacecraft.

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