slip away

slip away

  1. To leave a place, or a gathering, without being noticed.
    I'm going to try to slip away from work early, if I can.
    • 1906, Edith Nesbit, The Railway Children, Chapter 4: The engine-burglar,
      But when Bobbie crept down later to bring up her presents--for she felt she really could not be separated from them all night--Mother was not writing, but leaning her head on her arms and her arms on the table. I think it was rather good of Bobbie to slip quietly away, saying over and over, "She doesn't want me to know she's unhappy, and I won't know; I won't know." But it made a sad end to the birthday.
  2. (of time) To pass quickly, almost unnoticed.
    The months slipped away and became years.
  3. (of an advantage) To disappear; to elude one.
    When Liverpool scored a third goal, their hopes of winning slipped away forever.
  4. (euphemism) To die peacefully.
    He slipped away quietly in his sleep.
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