• IPA: /ˈsnæzi/

snazzy (comparative snazzier, superlative snazziest)

  1. (informal) Elegant in manner of dress; stylish, modern or appealing in appearance; flashy.
    Synonyms: dapper, elegant, pizazzy, smart, cool
    Antonyms: inelegant, scruffy, sloppy
    • 2000, Alev Aktar, "[ TAILOR MADE GOES: Fashion week closes with Calvin, Donna and Vera]," New York Daily News, 23 Sep. (retrieved 8 Jan. 2009):
      One particularly snazzy outfit consisted of vertically striped pants paired with a horizontally striped and sequined top.
    a snazzy dresser
  2. (informal) Excellent; clever, ingenious, or adept in behavior, operation, or execution.
    Synonyms: cool, nifty, smart
    Antonyms: crappy, duff, lame, naff, rubbishy
Related terms Translations
  • German: schick
  • Russian: шика́рный

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