• (GA) IPA: /ˈsnikɚ/

sneaker (plural sneakers)

  1. One who sneaks.
    • Charles Lamb
      Beshrew the man who on such a day as this, the general festival, should affect to stand aloof. I am none of those sneakers. I am free of the corporation, and care not who knows it.
  2. (US, Atlantic Canada, New Zealand) An athletic shoe with a soft, rubber sole.
  3. (UK, dialect, archaic) A vessel of drink.
    • Spectator
      I have just left the right worshipful and his myrmidons about a sneaker of five gallons!
  4. (biology) A sneaker male.
Synonyms Translations
  • German: Schleicher, Schleicherin
  • Spanish: pillo
  • French: basket, tennis, espadrille (Canada)
  • German: Turnschuhe, Leinenschuh, Schnürschuhe, Sneakers, Sportschuhe, Tennisschuhe,
  • Italian: scarpe da ginnastica, scarpe da tennis
  • Portuguese: tênis, ténis (Portugal)
  • Russian: кроссовка
  • Spanish: tenis m (especially Latin America), bamba f (Northeastern Spain), botín m (Seville), champión m (Paraguay), deportiva f (Spain), espores m-p (Northeastern Argentina), espais m-p (Cantabria), gomas f-p (Northwestern Venezuela), guachicón m (Northeastern Venezuela), kets m-p (Lleida), kids m-p (Bolivia), maripís m-p (Aragon), playera f (Spain), popis m-p (Cuba), zapatilla deportiva f (Argentina), zapato de goma m (Venezuelan standard usage), deportivas

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