• IPA: /ˈsniːki/

sneaky (comparative sneakier, superlative sneakiest)

  1. Difficult to catch due to constantly outwitting the adversaries
    Catching those thieves will be hard: they're so sneaky!
  2. Dishonest; deceitful.
    They played a sneaky trick on us.
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sneaky (plural sneakies)

  1. (espionage, slang) Any device used for covert surveillance.
    • 1974, Miles Copeland, Without cloak or dagger: the truth about the new espionage (page 244)
      […] in cooperation with the National Security Agency, installs and maintains "sneakies" throughout the U.S.S.R. and Communist China — but increasingly, denied areas are surveyed more simply.
    • 1991, Chapman Pincher, The Truth about Dirty Tricks
      […] has used travellers to plant 'sneakies' - small electronic transmitting devices which form part of a surveillance network.

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