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Pronunciation Adjective

snell (comparative sneller, superlative snellest)

  1. Quick, smart; sharp, active, brisk or nimble; lively.
    • 1720 - Allan Ramsay, Edinburgh's Salutation to Lord Carnarvon.
      That in ilk action, wise and snell / You may shaw Manly fire.
    • 1852 - John Brown, "Rab and his Friends".
      That horny-handed, snell, peremptory little man.
    • 1889 - James Robertson, The Early Religion of Israel.
      Amos is a lithe, keen, snell man.
  2. Quick-witted; witty.
  3. Harsh; severe.

snell (plural snells)

  1. A short line of horsehair, gut, monofilament, etc., by which a fishhook or lure is attached to a longer (and usually heavier) line.
    • 1979, Cormac McCarthy, Suttree, Random House, p.194:
      He tied on new baited snells and recovered the current with the oars.
Related terms
  • snell knot
  • German: Mundschnur

snell (snells, present participle snelling; past and past participle snelled)

  1. To tie a hook to the end of a fishing line with a snell knot.
    Can you show me how to snell a hook?

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. Surname

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