1595–1605; From Late Latin sōliloquium in the title of Augustine of Hippo Soliloquiorum libri duo ("Two Books of Soliloquies"), from sōlus ("only, sole") + loquor ("I speak"). Pronunciation
  • enPR: səlĭlʹəkwē, IPA: /səˈlɪləkwi/


  1. (drama) The act of a character speaking to themselves so as to reveal their thoughts to the audience.
    cot en
    At the end of the second act the main villain gave a soliloquy detailing his plans to attack the protagonist.
  2. (authorship) A speech or written discourse in this form.
    Synonyms: monologue
    Antonyms: colloquy, dialogue, dialog
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soliloquy (soliloquies, present participle soliloquying; past and past participle soliloquied)

  1. (very, rare) To issue a soliloquy.

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