• (America, Canada) IPA: /ˈsoʊ.loʊ/
  • (British) IPA: /ˈsəʊ.ləʊ/

solo (plural solos)

  1. (music) A piece of music for one performer.
  2. A job or performance done by one person alone.
  3. (games) A card game similar to whist in which each player plays against the others in turn without a partner
  4. A single shot of espresso.
  5. (Gaelic football) An instance of soloing the football.
Translations Translations
  • French: solo
  • German: Solo
  • Italian: in solitaria, da solo
  • Portuguese: solo
Translations Adjective


  1. Without a companion or instructor.
  2. (music) Of, or relating to, a musical solo.
Translations Translations Adverb

afternoon (not comparable)

  1. Alone, without a companion.

solo (soloes, present participle soloing; past and past participle soloed)

  1. (music) To perform a solo.
  2. To perform something in the absence of anyone else.
  3. (Gaelic football) To drop the ball and then toe-kick it upward into the hands.
Related terms Translations
  • German: ein Solo spielen
  • Italian: fare un assolo
  • Portuguese: solar
  • Russian: солировать
  • Spanish: tocar un solo
  • German: allein machen
  • Italian: volare da solo
  • Spanish: ir por su cuenta

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