• (British)
  • (America)
    • (GA) enPR: sŭm, IPA: /sʌm/, [sɐm]
  • (Australia, New Zealand) IPA: /sɐm/, [säm]
  1. A certain number, at least two.
    Some enjoy spicy food, others prefer it milder.
  2. An indefinite quantity.
    Can I have some of them?
  3. An indefinite amount, a part.
    Please give me some of the cake.
    Everyone is wrong some of the time.
  • (an indefinite quantity) a few
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  • French: du, de la, des
  • German: etwas
  • Portuguese: um pouco de
  • Russian: немно́го
  • Spanish: algo
  1. A certain proportion of, at least two.
    Some people like camping.
  2. An unspecified quantity or number of.
    Would you like some grapes?
  3. An unspecified amount of (something uncountable).
    Would you like some water?
    After some persuasion, he finally agreed.
  4. A certain, an unspecified or unknown.
    I've just met some guy who said he knew you.
    The sequence S converges to zero for some initial value v.
  5. A considerable quantity or number of; approximately.
    He had edited the paper for some years.
  6. (informal) A remarkable.
    He is some acrobat!
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some (not comparable)

  1. Of a measurement: approximately, roughly.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:approximately
    I guess he must have weighed some 90 kilos.
    Some 30,000 spectators witnessed the feat.
    Some 4,000 acres of land were flooded.

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