• (RP) IPA: /ˈspɑːkəl/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈspɑɹkəl/


  1. A little spark; a scintillation.
    • As sparkles from the anvil rise, / When heavy hammers on the wedge are swayed.
    • The shock was sufficiently strong to strike out some sparkles of his fiery temper.
  2. Brilliance; luster.
    the sparkle of a diamond
  3. Liveliness; vivacity.
    the sparkle of his conversation over dinner
  4. The quality of being sparkling or fizzy; effervescence.
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sparkle (sparkles, present participle sparkling; past and past participle sparkled)

  1. (intransitive) To emit sparks; to throw off ignited or incandescent particles
    The wood was sparkling in the bonfire.
  2. (by extension) To shine as if throwing off sparks; to emit flashes of light; to scintillate; to twinkle
    The stars sparkle in the sky.
    • A mantelet upon his shoulder hanging Bretful of rubies red, as fire sparkling.
  3. (intransitive) To manifest itself by, or as if by, emitting sparks; to glisten; to flash.
    • 1634, John Milton, “Arcades”, in Poems of Mr. John Milton, […] , London: Printed by Ruth Raworth for Humphrey Moſely,  […], published 1645, OCLC 606951673 ↗:
      I see bright honour sparkle through your eyes.
  4. (intransitive) To emit little bubbles, as certain kinds of liquors; to effervesce
    sparkling wine
    sparkling water
  5. (transitive) To emit in the form or likeness of sparks.
    • Did sparkle forth great light.
  6. (transitive, obsolete) To disperse.
    • The Landgrave hath sparkled his army without any further enterprise.
  7. (transitive, obsolete) To scatter on or over.
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