• IPA: /ˈspeɪʃəl/

spatial (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to (the dimension of) space.
  2. (uncommon) Pertaining to (outer) space.
    • 1964, Food Research Institute Studies, volume 4, issue 2, page 123:
      It was a land that could no longer be seriously described as underdeveloped, a land that has been able to achieve remarkably high rates of growth in its industrial production and gross national product since 1928, and a land that would shortly send into outer space the first man-made, and eventually also the first manned, spatial vehicle.
    • 2013, Laurent Gosse, Computing Qualitatively Correct Approximations of Balance Laws (ISBN 8847028922):
      By following the roadmap suggested by Godunov himself, the next step in order to reduce truncation errors in a context of large gradients should be to set up moving mesh methods; a suggestion from the man who created the scheme by means of which were achieved computations of the Apollo spatial vehicle during its reentry into Earth's atmosphere [20], is most probably worth being worked out!
    • 2017, Greta Gaard, Critical Ecofeminism (ISBN 1498533590), page 106:
      According to Peter Dickens, the cosmos has become capitalism's new “outside,” and these “outer space imperialisms” are now seeking “outer spatial fixes”—investments in outer space—to solve the crises of capitalism (Dickens 2009, 68).

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