• (RP) IPA: /ˈspiːˌkiŋ/

speaking (not comparable)

  1. Used in speaking.
    one's normal speaking voice
  2. Expressive; eloquent.
    The sight was more speaking than any speech could be.
  3. Involving speaking.
    It was her first speaking part: she screamed.
  4. Having the ability of speech.
    speaking parrot; speaking clock
    1. (in compounds) Having competence in a language.
      the English-speaking gentleman gave us directions; I travel in Russian-speaking countries; the French-speaking world listened in to the broadcast
Antonyms Translations
  • German: Sprech-, Sprach-
  • German: Sprech-, -sprachig, -sprechend, sprechend, Rede-, rede-
  • Russian: говоря́щий

speaking (plural speakings)

  1. One's ability to communicate vocally in a given language.
    I can read and understand most texts in German, but my speaking is awful.
  2. The act of communicating vocally.
    • 2011, Jimmie W. Greene, ‎Samuel D. Perry, Bridge Builder (page 50)
      Sometimes, a brawl would erupt, as a result, but, in general, public speakings were peaceful events and essential ingredients for election to office.
  3. An oral recitation of e.g. a story.
  • German: Sprechen
  • Russian: говоре́ние
  • Russian: разгово́р
  • Russian: речь
  1. present participle of speak#English|speak

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