• IPA: /ˈspɪ.ɡət/, /ˈspɪ.kət/

spigot (plural spigots)

  1. A pin or peg used to stop the vent in a cask.
  2. The plug of a faucet or cock.
  3. (Appalachian) A faucet.
  • Russian: про́бка
Translations Verb

spigot (spigots, present participle spigoting; past and past participle spigoted)

  1. To block with a spigot.
    • 2002, Phoenix Project: Environmental Impact Statement (page 2-31)
      Once a beach has been formed, spigoting would focus on directing the reclaim water pool toward the reclaim barge pumps.
  2. (transitive) To insert (a spigot).
    • 1956, The Automobile Engineer (volume 46, page 118)
      Location of the cylinders is, of course, effected by spigoting their lower ends into the holes in the crankcase. Similarly, the cylinder heads are located by spigoting the upper ends of the cylinders into them.

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