• (GA) IPA: /ˈsplætɚ/


  1. An uneven shape or mess created by something dispersing on impact.
    He had a hard time cleaning up the paint splatters on the carpet.
  2. (uncountable, attributive) A genre of gory horror.
    splatter film; splatter movie
Translations Verb

splatter (splatters, present participle splattering; past and past participle splattered)

  1. (intransitive) To splash; to scatter; to land or strike in an uneven, distributed mess.
    The drink splattered all over me, the table, and the floor when I knocked it over.
  2. (transitive) To cause (something) to splatter.
    He splattered paint onto the wall.
  3. (transitive) To spatter (something or somebody).
    • 2012, Kimberly J. Heide, Doors of Promise (page 100)
      Her wet hands […] splattered him with suds.
Translations Translations
  • Russian: расплеска́ть
  • Spanish: estrellar

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