Pronunciation Noun

spline (plural splines)

  1. Long thin piece of metal or wood. [from the mid 18th c]
  2. A rectangular piece that fits grooves like key seats in a hub and a shaft, so that while the one may slide endwise on the other, both must revolve together.
  3. A flexible strip of metal or other material, that may be bent into a curve and used in a similar manner to a ruler to draw smooth curves between points.
  4. (mathematics, computing) Any of a number of smooth curves used to join points.
  5. (woodworking) A strip of wood or other material inserted into grooves in each of two pieces of wood to provide additional surface for gluing.
  6. (mechanics) Ridges or teeth on a drive shaft that mesh with grooves in a mating piece and transfer torque to it, maintaining the angular correspondence between them.
Translations Translations
  • French: cerce
  • German: Straklatte
  • Russian: спла́йн
  • French: spline
  • German: Spline, Polynomzug
  • Russian: спла́йн
Translations Verb

spline (splines, present participle splining; past and past participle splined)

  1. (mathematics, computing) To smooth (a curve or surface) by means of a spline.
  2. (engineering) To fit with a spline.
  3. (engineering) To fasten to or together with a spline.

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