splitting (plural splittings)

  1. An instance where something split#Verb|splits.
  2. (psychology) A division in the mind, or affecting one's sense of self.
    • 2007, Brett Kahr, Sex and the Psyche, Penguin 2008, p. 308:
      In other words, something troubling, such as being discovered in the toilets in a shaming way, can be both remembered and also pushed to the periphery of consciousness, a process that psychotherapists refer to as ‘splitting’.
  3. (chemistry) The cleavage of a covalent bond.


  1. Resembling the sound of something being split or ripped.
  2. Very rapid.
    They moved at a splitting pace.
  3. Severe.
    I have a splitting headache.
  1. present participle of split#English|split

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