• (RP) IPA: /spəˈɹændʒ/, /ˈspəʊɹ.ændʒ/
  • (America) IPA: /spəˈɹændʒ/, /ˈspoʊɹ.ændʒ/

sporange (plural sporanges)

  1. (dated) A sporangium.
    • 1880, John Nietner, The Coffee Tree and its Enemies, page 28
      The most immature of the sporanges have few or no papillae on them.
    • 1901, Deane Bret Swingle, "Formation of spores in the sporanges of Rhizopus Nigricans", page 25
      If this were the cause we should expect to find the layer of denser plasm at the base of the sporange as well as on the sides and top, as we have no evidence that evaporation does not go on from the part of the sporange just around the sporangiophore as well as from the rest of its surface.

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