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  1. Expressing a sudden desire for silence.

st (plural sts)

  1. Abbreviation of street#English|street. (Usually as “st.” Also as “st”. Sometimes capitalized.)
  2. Abbreviation of Saint#English|Saint. (Always capitalized.)
  3. Abbreviation of state#English|state.
  4. Abbreviation of stone#English|stone. Unit of measuring weight, not capitalized.
  5. Abbreviation of store#English|store. As in a shopping center.
  6. (knitting) Abbreviation of stitch#English|stitch.
    • 1998, Kristin Nicholas, Knitting the New Classics (page 63)
      insert right-hand needle bet 2 sts just knitted
    • 2009, Sally Muir, Joanna Osborne, Diana Miller, Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible (page 71)
      Knit 1 row. Dec 1 st at each end of next row and at each end of every foll alt row until 2 sts rem.
    • 2011, Barb Brown, Knitting Knee-Highs: Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary (page 55)
      Change to larger needles and knit 1 rnd in CC, inc 3 (4, 5) sts evenly […]
  • German: Str.
  • Spanish: c/
  • German: St.
  • Portuguese: St.



  1. Initialism of short ton#English|short ton(s).
  2. Initialism of storyteller#English|storyteller, especially in the context of running certain tabletop role-playing games.
  3. (uncountable) Abbreviation of steam#English|steam.
  4. (medicine) An ST segment.
Proper noun
  1. (computing) Atari ST
  2. Initialism of Star Trek#English|Star Trek.
    • 1998, "Reepicheep", Good Bye Star Trek Voyager? (on Internet newsgroup alt.christnet)
      As references in various articles on my Web site will demonstrate, I do spend time reading publications promoting non-Christian viewpoints. But still ST is supposed to be entertaining. And I do know of many Christians who have long since stopped watching ST due to the unchristian values sometimes presented...
  3. (linguistics, Egyptology) Initialism of Standard Theory.

st (sts, present participle sting; past and past participle sted)

  1. Someone who acts as a game master (GM) in a tabletop role-playing game, especially any of the games produced by White Wolf.
  • French: ST


st (plural SS)

  1. Abbreviation of Saint#English|Saint.
  • French: St., Ste., St, Ste
  • German: St., Sct. (obsolete)
  • Italian: S.
  • Portuguese: S., Sto., Sta.
  • Russian: св.
  • Spanish: S., Sta.

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