• (British) IPA: /ˈsteɪ.bəɫ/

stable (plural stables)

  1. A building, wing or dependency set apart and adapted for lodging and feeding (and training) animals with hoofs, especially horses.
    There were stalls for fourteen horses in the squire's stables.
  2. (metonymy) All the racehorses of a particular stable, i.e. belonging to a given owner.
  3. (Scotland) A set of advocates; a barristers' chambers.
  4. (sumo) An organization of sumo wrestlers who live and train together.
  5. A group of prostitutes managed by one pimp.
    Synonyms: string
    • 2013, Noble Dee, Pimp: Reflection of My Life (page 167)
      My pimp vision enabled me to see that no hoe in my stable would be more worthy of the game than my young turnout red-bones.
  • (sumo organization) heya
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stable (stables, present participle stabling; past and past participle stabled)

  1. (transitive) to put or keep (an animal) in a stable.
    • 1954, C. S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy, Collins, 1998, Chapter 7,
      "I hope your have been quite comfortable." ¶ "Never better stabled in my life," said Bree.
  2. (intransitive) to dwell in a stable.
  3. (rail transport, transitive) to park (a rail vehicle)
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  1. Relatively unchanging, permanent; firmly fixed or established; consistent; not easily moved, altered, or destroyed.
    He was in a stable relationship.
    a stable government
    • In this region of chance, […] where nothing is stable.
  2. (computing) Of software: established to be relatively free of bugs, as opposed to a beta version.
    You should download the 1.9 version of that video editing software: it is the latest stable version. The newer beta version has some bugs.
  3. (computer science, of a sorting algorithm) That maintains the relative order of items that compare as equal.
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