• IPA: /ˈstæɡneɪt/

stagnate (stagnates, present participle stagnating; past and past participle stagnated)

  1. To cease motion, activity, or progress:
    1. (of water, air, etc) To cease to flow or run.
      If the water stagnates, algae will grow.
    2. (of water, air, etc) To be or become foul from standing.
      Air stagnates in a closed room.
    3. To cease to develop, advance or change; to become idle.
      • 1826, Walter Scott, Woodstock
        Ready-witted tenderness […] never stagnates in vain lamentations while there is any room for hope.
      • 2003, Ernest Verity, Get Wisdom ISBN 1591606691, page 434:
        Listening to what others say, especially to what they teach, prevents our minds stagnating, thus promoting mental growth into old age.

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