• IPA: /ˈstɪŋˌɹeɪ/

stingray (plural stingrays)

  1. Any of various large, venomous rays, of the orders Rajiformes and Myliobatiformes, having a barbed, whiplike tail.
    Synonyms: stingaree
  2. (US law enforcement) A device that simulates a cell tower, used to intercept cell phone communications.
    Synonyms: IMSI catcher
    • 2014, Catherine Nolan, Ashley M. Wilson, JD, The Audacity to Spy: How Government, Business, and Hackers Rob Us of Privacy, Technics Publications (ISBN 9781634620604), page 74 ↗:
      The device mimics a cell phone tower and gets the phone to connect to it. […] Once a signal is found, the stingray measures its strength and can provide a general location on the map.

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