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  • (RP) IPA: /ˈstəʊni/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈstoʊni/

stony (comparative stonier, superlative stoniest)

  1. As hard as stone.
    Synonyms: rock-hard
    Antonyms: soft
  2. Containing or made up of stones.
    Synonyms: pebbly, rocky, shingly
    a stony path
  3. (figuratively) Of a person, lacking warmth and emotion.
    Synonyms: cold, cool, hard-hearted, heartless, impassive, unemotional, unfeeling
    Antonyms: passionate, warm
  4. (figuratively) Of an action such as a look, showing no warmth of emotion.
    Synonyms: cold, cool, frosty, unwelcoming
    Antonyms: welcoming, warm
    She gave him a stony reception.
  5. (UK & Australian, slang) Short for stony broke#English|stony broke: without any money.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:impoverished
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Proper noun
  1. (fandom slang) The ship of characters Steve Rogers (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Tony Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe) from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • 2013, Poe Johnson, "Cultural Memory as Fandom Ideology in the Remediated World", The Phoenix Papers, Volume 1, Number 2, July 2013, page 51 ↗:
      The "Stony" fandom takes the comic remediation ship or genderswap and removes it from its aesthetic relationship by placing it within a new remediated work.
    • 2013, "Fandoms Assemble 2013 Fanfic Awards", Fandoms Assemble, July 2013, page 21 ↗:
      It tugged at my heartstrings with Steve's memories, as well as giving me so many Stony feels.
    • 2016, Olivia Riley, "Queerness and Emotion in Fanfiction", thesis submitted to the University of Minnesota, page 10 ↗:
      The largest ships in the MCU are “Stucky” (Steve Rogers AKA Captain America and Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier) and “Stony” (Steve Rogers and Tony Stark AKA Iron Man).

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