• IPA: /ˈstɹɑːtəm/
  • IPA: /ˈstɹeɪtəm/

stratum (plural stratums)

  1. One of several parallel horizontal layers of material arranged one on top of another.
    Synonyms: tier
  2. (geology) A layer of sedimentary rock having approximately the same composition throughout.
    Synonyms: bed, layer
    Coordinate term: seam#English|seam
  3. Any of the regions of the atmosphere, such as the stratosphere, that occur as layers.
  4. (biology) A layer of tissue.
  5. A class of society composed of people with similar social, cultural, or economic status.
  6. (ecology) A layer of vegetation, usually of similar height.
  7. (computing) The level of accuracy of a computer's clock, relative to others on the network.
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