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stub (plural stubs)

  1. Something blunted, stunted, or cut short, such as stubble or a stump.
    • And prickly stubs instead of trees are found.
  2. A piece of certain paper items, designed to be torn off and kept for record or identification purposes.
    check stub, ticket stub, payment stub
  3. (computing) A placeholder procedure that has the signature of the planned procedure but does not yet implement the intended behavior.
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    • 1996, Chip Weems, Nell Dale, Pascal:
      Even though the stub is a dummy, it allows us to determine whether the procedure is called at the right time by the program or calling procedure.
  4. (computing) A procedure that translates requests from external systems into a format suitable for processing and then submits those requests for processing.
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    • 2002, Judith M Myerson, The Complete Book of Middleware:
      After this, the server stub calls the actual procedure on the server.
  5. (wikis) A page providing only minimal information and intended for later development.
  6. The remaining part of the docked tail of a dog
  7. An unequal first or last interest calculation period, as a part of a financial swap contract
  8. (obsolete) A log or block of wood.
  9. (obsolete) A blockhead.
  10. A pen with a short, blunt nib.
  11. An old and worn horseshoe nail.
  12. Stub iron.
  13. The smallest remainder of a smoked cigarette; a butt.
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stub (stubs, present participle stubbing; past and past participle stubbed)

  1. (transitive) To remove most of a tree, bush, or other rooted plant by cutting it close to the ground.
  2. (transitive) To remove a plant by pulling it out by the roots.
  3. (transitive) To jam, hit, or bump, especially a toe.
    I stubbed my toe trying to find the light switch in the dark.
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