• IPA: /sʌbˈsɪ.di.əɹ.i/, /sʌbˈsɪ.dəɹ.i/, /sʌbˈsɪ.dʒəɹ.i/


  1. Auxiliary or supplemental.
    • chief ruler and principal head everywhere, not suffragant and subsidiary
    • They constituted a useful subsidiary testimony of another state of existence.
  2. Secondary or subordinate.
    a subsidiary stream
  3. Of, or relating to a subsidy.
    subsidiary payments to an ally
    • George the Second relied on his subsidiary treaties.
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subsidiary (plural subsidiaries)

  1. A company owned by a parent company or a holding company, also called daughter company or sister company.
  2. (music) A subordinate theme.
  3. One who aids or supplies; an assistant.

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