• (America) IPA: /suˈpɝb/, /səˈpɝb/
  • (RP) IPA: /sjuːˈpɜːb/, /suːˈpɜːb/

superb (comparative superber, superlative superbest)

  1. First-rate; of the highest quality; exceptionally good.
    This champagne is superb.
    • 1910, Emerson Hough, chapter I, in The Purchase Price: Or The Cause of Compromise, Indianapolis, Ind.: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, OCLC 639762314 ↗, page 0105 ↗:
      Captain Edward Carlisle […] felt a curious sensation of helplessness seize upon him as he met her steady gaze, […]; he could not tell what this prisoner might do. He cursed the fate which had assigned such a duty, cursed especially that fate which forced a gallant soldier to meet so superb a woman as this under handicap so hard.
  2. Grand; magnificent; august; stately.
    a superb edifice;  a superb colonnade
  3. (dated) Haughty.
    • 1858, Julia Kavanagh, Adèle, a Tale: Volume 2 (p.235):
      A remark which Isabella received with a superb curl of the lip, but at the same time, and to her brother's infinite relief, she walked away.
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