• (America) enPR: so͞op′ərvīz'ər, IPA: /ˈsuːpɚˌvaɪzɚ/

supervisor (plural supervisors)

  1. (management) A person with the official task of overseeing the work of a person or group, or of other operations and activities.
  2. A person who monitors someone to make sure they comply with rules or other requirements set for them.
  3. (US) In certain states, an elected member of the governing body for a county which is called the board of supervisors.
  4. (computing) A process responsible for managing other processes.
    • 1965, P. A. Crisman, The compatible time-sharing system: a programmer's guide (page 14)
      The clock burst which enables the supervisor to housekeep the console input and output and to change program status is currently set to 200 ms.
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