take care of

take care of

  1. (transitive) To look after, to provide care for.
    My elderly mother needs to be taken care of.
  2. (transitive) To deal with, handle.
    Can somebody take care of the customers while I clean this mess?
  3. (transitive, slang, euphemistic) To kill.
    In the motion picture The Godfather, gangster Virgil Sollozzo took care of Luca Brasi by having him strangled.
Synonyms Translations Translations
  • French: occuper
  • German: sich kümmern um
  • Italian: ci penso io
  • Portuguese: cuidar
  • Russian: занима́ться
  • Portuguese: cuidar de
  • Russian: разбира́ться
  • Spanish: encargar de

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