take down

take down

  1. To remove something from a wall or similar vertical surface to which it is fixed.
    He took down the picture and replaced it with the framed photograph.
  2. To remove something from a hanging position.
    We need to take down the curtains to be cleaned.
  3. To remove something from a website.
    We must take this fake news item down today.
  4. To write down as a note, especially to record something spoken.
    • 1966, Phil Ochs, "Love Me, I'm a Liberal", Phils Ochs in Concert.
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    If you have a pen, you can take down my phone number.
  5. To remove a temporary structure such as scaffolding.
    When everything else is packed, we can take down the tent.
  6. To lower an item of clothing without removing it.
    The doctor asked me to take down my trousers.
  7. To arrest someone or to place them in detention.
    You have been found guilty. Take the prisoner down.
    We've got enough evidence now to take McFee down.
  8. (of a person) To crush; to destroy or kill.
  9. (combat sports) To force one’s opponent off their feet in order to transition from striking to grappling in jujitsu, mixed martial arts, etc.
  10. (intransitive, colloquial) To collapse or become incapacitated from illness or fatigue.
  • French: décrocher
  • German: (please verify) herunternehmen (de), abhängen
  • Russian: снимать
  • Spanish: descolgar
  • French: dépendre
  • German: (please verify) herunternehmen (de), abhängen
  • Russian: снимать
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