takeout (not comparable)

  1. (North America) (Of food) intended to be eaten off the premises from which it was bought.
  • (chiefly, UK, Australia and New Zealand) takeaway


  1. (North America) Food purchased from a takeaway.
  2. (curling) A stone that hits another stone, removing it from play.
  3. (bridge) A double of an opponent's bid, intended to invite one's partner to compete in the auction, rather than to penalise one's opponents.
  4. (television) A detailed news segment.
    • 1994, Penn Kimball, ‎Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Downsizing the news: network cutbacks in the nation's capital (page 19)
      Takeouts on important running topics in the news are one way to add a valuable dimension to the evening news. One consequence, however, has been that there are fewer minutes available on the broadcast for hard news out of Washington.
Synonyms Translations
  • German: zum Mitnehmen
  • Spanish: para llevar

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