• IPA: /tæləʊ/


  1. A hard animal fat obtained from suet, etc.; used in cooking as well as to make candles, soap and lubricants
    • 1929, M. Barnard Eldershaw, A House Is Built, chapter VIII, section ii:
      Nor were the wool prospects much better. The pastoral#English|pastoral industry, which had weathered the severe depression of the early forties by recourse#English|recourse to boiling down the sheep for their tallow, and was now firmly re-established as the staple#English|staple industry of the colony, was threatened once more with eclipse#English|eclipse.
Translations Verb

tallow (tallows, present participle tallowing; past and past participle tallowed)

  1. To grease or smear with tallow.
  2. To cause to have a large quantity of tallow; to fatten.
    to tallow sheep

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