• IPA: /ˈtɛnɪmənt/

tenement (plural tenements)

  1. A building that is rented to multiple tenants, especially a low-rent, run-down one.
    • 1922 , James Joyce, Ulysses, chapter V:
      quote en
  2. (legal) Any form of property that is held by one person from another, rather than being owned.
    The island of Brecqhou is a tenement of Sark.
  3. (figurative) Dwelling; abode; habitation.
    • 1689 (indicated as 1690), [John Locke], An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding. […], London: […] Thomas Basset, […], OCLC 153628242 ↗:
      , Book III
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  • Russian: арендованное иму́щество

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