• (RP) IPA: /tɜːs/
  • (Canada, America) IPA: /tɝːs/

terse (comparative terser, superlative tersest)

  1. (by extension) Of speech or style#Noun|style: brief#Adjective|brief, concise, to the point.
    Synonyms: concise, succinct, see also Thesaurus:concise
    Antonyms: prolix, verbose, wordy, see also Thesaurus:verbose
  2. (by extension) Of manner or speech: abruptly or brusquely short#Adjective|short; curt.
    Synonyms: abrupt, brusque, mardy, short-spoken
  3. (obsolete) burnished#Adjective|Burnished, polished#Adjective|polished; fine#Adjective|fine, smooth#Adjective|smooth; neat, spruce#Adjective|spruce. [from early 17th c.]
    • 1601, Ben Jonson, Poetaster or The Arraignment: […], London: Printed [by R. Bradock] for M[atthew] L[ownes] […], published 1602, OCLC 316392309 ↗, Act III, scene i ↗:
      By Phœbus, here's a moſt neate fine ſtreete; is't not? I proteſt to thee, I am enamord of this ſtreete now, more then of halfe the ſtreetes of Rome, againe; tis ſo polite, and terſe; [...]
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