• IPA: /ˈtɛkst.bʊk/

textbook (plural textbooks)

  1. A coursebook, a formal manual of instruction in a specific subject, especially one for use in schools or colleges.
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  1. Of or pertaining to textbooks or their style, especially in being dry and pedagogical; textbooky, textbooklike.
    • 2000, Okasha El Daly, Janet Starkey, Desert travellers: from Herodotus to T.E. Lawrence‎
      They are mentioned in his flat, textbook voice, alongside schoolroom descriptions of topography and assessments of economic significance.
  2. Having the typical characteristics of some class of phenomenon, so that it might be included as an example in a textbook.
    • 1949, George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Part Three, Chapter 2,
      All her rebelliousness, her deceit, her folly, her dirty-mindedness—everything has been burned out of her. It was a perfect conversion, a textbook case.
    • 2003, Robert J Art, Patrick M Cronin, The United States and coercive diplomacy‎
      In many ways the Korean nuclear crisis is a textbook example of coercive diplomacy — its strengths as well as the risks inherent in such a strategy.
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