• IPA: /ˈθɪŋəmi/

thingummy (plural thingummies)

  1. Synonym of thingy#English|thingy: something one cannot remember the name of.
  2. Synonym of whatshisname#English|whatshisname: someone one cannot remember the name of.
    • 1991, Stephen Fry, The Liar, pp. 10–11:
      Once, in his first term, Cartwright had been bold enough to ask him why he was so clever […]
      ‘It's memory, Cartwright, old dear. Memory, the mother of the Muses. . . at least that's what thingummy said.’
      ‘You know, what's his name, Greek poet chap. Wrote the Theogony. . . what was he called? Begins with an “H”.’
      ‘No, dear. Not Homer, the other one. No, it's gone. Anyway. Memory, that's the key.’

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