• IPA: /θɪŋkəʊ/

thinko (plural thinkos)

  1. (slang) A careless mistake made in thinking.
    I must have done quite a thinko, but I don't remember leaving my keys in the refrigerator.
    • 1998, K. G. Binmore, Game Theory and the Social Contract, Volume 2: Just Playing, page 34 ↗,
      We need to face the fact that thinkos are likely to be much more important, even though such a source of noise is much harder to model.
    • 2006, Kristen B. Donohue, Misused Words and Other Witing Gaffes: A Manager's Primer, Harvard Business School, Written Communications that Inform and Influence, page 164 ↗,
      Spell-checkers can help with simple types such as misspeIIings and repeated words, but they are little defense against the equally common "thinkos," such as the inconvenience/incontinence example above. Your only defense against thinkos is a careful read.

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