• (British) enPR: thûd, IPA: /θɜːd/
  • (America) enPR: thûrd, IPA: /θɝd/
  • (NYC) IPA: /tɜjd/

third (not comparable)

  1. The ordinal form of the cardinal number three; Coming after the second.
    The third tree from the left is my favorite.
  • 3rd, 3d; III
Translations Noun


  1. The person or thing in the third position.
    Jones came in third.
  2. One of three equal parts of a whole.
    He ate a third of the pie. Divided by two-thirds.
  3. (uncountable) The third gear of a gearbox.
    Now put it into third.
  4. (music) An interval consisting of the first and third notes in a scale.
    They sing in thirds.
  5. (baseball) third base
    The play ended with Jones standing on third.
  6. (golf) A handicap of one stroke every third hole.
  7. A third-class degree, awarded to the lowest achievers in an honours degree programme
  8. (archaic) One sixtieth of a second, i.e., the third in a series of fractional parts in a sexagesimal number system. Also formerly known as a tierce.
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third (thirds, present participle thirding; past and past participle thirded)

  1. (informal) To agree with a proposition or statement after it has already been second#Verb|seconded.
  2. To divide into three equal parts.

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