• IPA: /θɹɛd/
    • (British, America) IPA: [θɾ̪̊ɛd]

thread (plural threads)

  1. A long, thin and flexible form of material, generally with a round cross-section, used in sewing, weaving or in the construction of string.
  2. A continued theme or idea.
    Synonyms: topic
    All of these essays have a common thread.
    I’ve lost the thread of what you’re saying.
  3. (engineering) A screw thread.
  4. A sequence of connections.
  5. The line midway between the banks of a stream.
  6. (computing) A unit of execution, lighter in weight than a process, usually sharing memory and other resources with other threads executing concurrently.
  7. (Internet) A series of messages, generally grouped by subject, in which all messages except the first are replies to previous messages in the thread.
  8. A filament, as of a flower, or of any fibrous substance, as of bark.
  9. (figurative) Composition; quality; fineness.
    • 1632, Ben Jonson, The Magnetic Lady
      A neat courtier, / Of a most elegant thread.
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thread (threads, present participle threading; past threaded, past participle threaded)

  1. (transitive) To put thread through.
    thread a needle
  2. (transitive) To pass (through a narrow constriction or around a series of obstacles).
    I think I can thread my way through here, but it’s going to be tight.
    • 2013, Ben Smith, "", BBC Sport, 19 October 2013:
      Picking the ball up in his own half, Januzaj threaded a 40-yard pass into the path of Rooney to slice Southampton open in the blink of an eye.
  3. To screw on, to fit the threads of a nut on a bolt
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  • German: aufschrauben, gewindeschneiden

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