• (RP) IPA: /ˈθɹuː.pʊt/
  • (GA, Canada) IPA: /ˈθɹu.pʊt/


  1. (networking) The rate#Noun|rate at which data is transfer#Verb|transferred through a system.
  2. (operations) The rate of production; the rate at which something can be process#Verb|processed.
    The factory managed a throughput of 120 units per hour.
    • 1927, Harald Nielsen, "Distillation of Carbonaceous Materials" , US Patent 1886262, line 70:
    "if the rate of heating is substantially reduced, not only is the throughput of the apparatus diminished and the cost of the process increased, but the properties of the resultant coke are detrimentally affected."
  3. (optics) Synonym of etendue#English|etendue.
  • French: débit
  • German: Durchsatz
  • Russian: пропускная спосо́бность
  • German: Durchsatz
  • Russian: производи́тельность

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