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  • IPA: /ˈtaɪdi/

tidy (comparative tidier, superlative tidiest)

  1. Arranged neatly and in order.
    Keep Britain tidy.
  2. Not messy; neat and controlled.
  3. (colloquial) Satisfactory; comfortable.
  4. (colloquial) Generous, considerable.
    The scheme made a tidy profit.
  5. (obsolete) In good time; at the right time; timely; seasonable; opportune; favourable; fit; suitable.
    • if weather be fair and tidy
  6. (obsolete) Brave; smart; skillful; fine; good.
  7. Appropriate or suitable as regards occasion, circumstances, arrangement, or order.
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tidy (tidies, present participle tidying; past and past participle tidied)

  1. To make tidy; to neaten.
  • Russian: убира́ть
  • Spanish: ordenar

tidy (plural tidies)

  1. A tabletop container for pens and stationery.
    a desk tidy
  2. A cover, often of tatting, drawn work, or other ornamental work, for the back of a chair, the arms of a sofa, etc.
  3. (dated) A child's pinafore.
  4. The wren.
  1. (Wales) Expression of positive agreement, usually in reply to a question.

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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