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  • (British, America) IPA: /ˈtɪt.əl/

tittle (plural tittles)

  1. A small, insignificant amount (of something); a modicum or speck.
  2. (typography) Any small dot, stroke, or diacritical mark, especially if part of a letter, or if a letter-like abbreviation; in particular, the dots over the Latin letters i and j.
    • 1590, Bales, The Arte of Brachygraphie (quoted in Daid King's 2001 'The Ciphers of the Monks'):
      The foure pricks or tittles are these. The first is a full prick or period. The second is a comma or crooked tittle.
    • 1987, Andrea van Arkel-De Leeuw van Weenen, Möðruvallabók, AM 132 Fol: Index and concordance, page xii:
      (the page calls both "a superscript sign (hooklike)" and also a diacritical abbreviation of "er" (:er#Icelandic) "tittles")
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  • Italian: punto
  • Russian: ка́пелька
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tittle (tittles, present participle tittling; past and past participle tittled)

  1. (Scotland) To chatter.
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  1. Surname

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