• (RP) IPA: /təˈdeɪ/
  • (GA) IPA: /təˈdeɪ/, [tʰəˈdeɪ], /tʊˈdeɪ/, [tʰʊˈdeɪ], [tʰʉɾeɪː]

today (not comparable)

  1. On the current day or date.
    I want this done today.
    Today, my brother went to the shops.
  2. In the current era; nowadays.
    In the 1500s, people had to do things by hand, but today we have electric can openers.
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today (plural todays)

  1. A current day or date.
    Synonyms: current day, this day
    Today is the day we'll fix this once and for all.
  2. (US, meteorology) From 6am to 6pm on the current day.

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