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tool (plural tools)

  1. A mechanical device intended to make a task easier.
    Hand me that tool, would you?   I don't have the right tools to start fiddling around with the engine.
  2. Equipment used in a profession, e.g., tools of the trade.
    These are the tools of the trade.
  3. Something to perform an operation; an instrument; a means.
  4. (computing) A piece of software used to develop software or hardware, or to perform low-level operations.
    The software engineer had been developing lots of EDA tools.   a tool for recovering deleted files from a disk
  5. A person or group which is used or controlled, usually unwittingly, by another person or group.
    He was a tool, no more than a pawn to her.
  6. (slang) Penis.
  7. (by extension, slang, pejorative) An obnoxious or uptight person.
    He won't sell us tickets because it's 3:01, and they went off sale at 3. That guy's such a tool.
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tool (tools, present participle tooling; past and past participle tooled)

  1. (transitive) To work on or shape with tools, e.g., hand-tooled leather.
  2. (transitive) To equip with tools.
  3. (intransitive) To work very hard.
    • 1965, Matt Fichtenbaum and Dan Murphy, “The Institute Screw” in The Broadside of Boston, vol. III, No. 22:
      Do this lab and read this book, now tool, one and all,
      And be sure and pass that final quiz or be screwed right to the wall.
  4. (transitive, slang) To put down another person (possibly in a subtle, hidden way), and in that way to use him or her to meet a goal.
    Dude, he's not your friend. He's just tooling you.
  5. (transitive, volleyball) To intentionally attack the ball so that it deflects off a blocker out of bounds.
  6. (transitive, UK, slang, dated) To drive (a coach or other vehicle).
  7. (transitive, UK, slang, dated) To carry or convey in a coach or other vehicle.
    • 1850s, Cuthbert M. Bede, The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green
      Among those who seemed disposed to join in this opinion was the Jehu of the Warwickshire coach, who expressed his conviction to our hero, that "he wos a young gent as had much himproved hisself since he tooled him up to the Warsity with his guvnor."
  8. (intransitive, slang) To travel in a vehicle; to ride or drive.
    • boys on their bicycles tooling along the well-kept roads
    • 2011, Ben Aaronovitch, Rivers of London, Gollancz 2011, page 324:
      These are the guys that tool around in Mercedes Sprinter vans with equipment lockers stuffed with everything from riot helmets to tasers.
  • (volleyball) use
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