Pronunciation Noun


  1. The noise of a horn or whistle.
    He gave a little toot of the horn, to get their attention.
  2. (by extension, informal) A fart; flatus.
  3. (uncountable, slang) Cocaine.
  4. (countable, slang) A portion of cocaine that a person snorts.
    • 1981, New York Magazine (volume 14, number 35, page 30)
      So he took a toot. A couple of days later he did another, then another. Soon Harry was using more coke than he had done in his whole life.
  5. (informal) A spree of drunkness.
  6. (informal, uncountable, pronounced /tʊt/) Rubbish; tat.
    I'm not paying fifty pounds for this load of old toot!
  7. (internet) A message on the social networking software Mastodon.
  • French: pouët, (6) pouet
  • Russian: гудо́к
Translations Verb

toot (toots, present participle tooting; past and past participle tooted)

  1. To stand out, or be prominent.
  2. To peep; to look narrowly.
  3. To see; to spy.
  4. (slang) To flatulate.
  5. To make the sound of a horn or whistle.
  6. To cause a horn or whistle to make its sound.
  7. (slang) To go on a drinking binge.
  8. (slang) To snort (a recreational drug).
    • 2008, Robert L. Glover, Street Corner Symphony: An American Story (page 65)
      I had graduated from the simple tooting cocaine up my nose to smoking it, which was a completely different experience and animal.
  9. To post a message on a Mastodon instance (a self-hosted version of the networking software).
Synonyms Pronunciation Noun

toot (plural toots)

  1. (Australia, slang) A toilet.

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