1. Situated or lying across; side to side, relative to some defined "forward" direction; identified with movement across areas.
  2. (geometry, of an intersection) Not tangent: so that a nondegenerate angle is formed between the two things intersecting.
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  • German: querliegend
  • Portuguese: transverso
  • Russian: попере́чный
  • Spanish: transverso

transverse (plural transverses)

  1. Anything that is transverse or athwart.
  2. (geometry) The longer, or transverse, axis of an ellipse.

transverse (transverses, present participle transversing; past and past participle transversed)

  1. (transitive) To overturn; to change.
    • And so long shall her censures, when justly passed, have their effect: how then can they be altered or transversed, suspended or superseded, by a temporal government, that must vanish and come to nothing?
  2. (transitive, obsolete) To change from prose into verse, or from verse into prose.

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