• (America) IPA: /ˈtɹɛmɚ/
    • (pin-pen) IPA: /ˈtɹɪmɚ/

tremor (plural tremors)

  1. A shake, quiver, or vibration.
    She felt a tremor in her stomach before going on stage.
    1. A rhythmic, uncontrollable shaking of all or part of the body due to partial muscle contractions.
      The optometrist has been losing patients ever since he developed tremors in his hand.
  2. An earthquake.
    Did you feel the tremor this morning?
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tremor (tremors, present participle tremoring; past and past participle tremored)

  1. To shake or quiver excessively and rapidly or involuntarily; to tremble.
    • 2004, Andrea Levy, Small Island (novel), London: Review, Chapter Seventeen, p. 188,
      The ground tremored under their big boots.
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