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trite (comparative triter, superlative tritest)

  1. Often in reference to a word or phrase: used so many times that it is commonplace, or no longer interesting or effective; worn out, hackneyed.
    • 1897, W. B. Kimberly, History of West Australia : A Narrative of Her Past together with Biographies of Her Leading Men:
      It is a trite saying in a young country that anyone starting out in life with the determination to become wealthy will have his wish gratified.
    • 2007, Danielle Corsetto, Girls with Slingshots: 267 ↗:
      McPedro the cactus: How to woo a woman! On yehr fahrst date, don’t bring her cut flowers! That’s inhumane! And trite!
  2. (legal) So well established as to be beyond debate: trite law.
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trite (uncountable)

  1. A denomination of coinage in ancient Greece equivalent to one third of a stater.
  2. Trite, a genus of spiders, found in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, of the family Salticidae.

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